Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Everything!

Oh My God! I'm scared! I'm Lonely! Worried! Definitely Ill. It was 9 a.M in the morning,1st of April 2009, when the agency sent me a text messages regarding my visa! "Feona,your entry permit to U.A.E already arrived. You have 1 more week to go to fix things out.settle your accounts and complete your documents!" I don't know what will be my reactions...will I start to cry? will I call Mark Lee to says that things....Oh my!
I will surely missed everything here in my place. My friends, my co-workers,my best friend, dishes, trips, swimming,and most of all MARK LEE! huhuhu
It was already confirm that I'll be leaving on the 19th of april @ exactly 6:30 am.New place,new friends and new everything!
I know, I will survived!

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