Monday, April 6, 2009

mY BesTfrienD's WeddiNg

15th of April is getting nearer. While I'm busy doing some important documents for my flight on the 19th, I can't help but notice that my best friend's much awaited wedding is on hand. It's been a year that Papa Jara left PI for a worked in Al Ain U.A.E. and now he's here to bond one soul and one heart together. I got a call from Len Len late 2 pm,while I'm doing my hair cut at Bench Fix Salon,she says "Mare,san ka? namimiss na kita.punta ako sa inyo paguwi mo." I can't talk for a while.shocked?!hahaha.that's how I feel. I felt very sorry for Len len for not having been there while invitations are been doing.But I know she understand it!
I will surely miss the chikahan days of our lives,sitting under the mango tree while eating,crying about some crazy things in our life.Things will change LenLen, but not my promises of friendship unto you!
Thanks for everything!Best wishes!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guest Speaker!

Just a week ago I became a Guest Speaker in a Graduation Day. It was really tough for me to stand in front of the graduates.Giving a commencement address as Alumna is really hard. It takes a lot of ideas and knowledge to bring up to them. I remember those times in my life when I was the one sitting in front of the stage and listening to the Guest speaker. To be honest, I was not listening.All I wanted is to get my diploma and awards and go home with my mom....hahaha...Did they feel the same way too?
After the speech,they gave me a recognition.It's good and It is my pleasure to give a honorarium!
Thanks TCDC Family!

New Everything!

Oh My God! I'm scared! I'm Lonely! Worried! Definitely Ill. It was 9 a.M in the morning,1st of April 2009, when the agency sent me a text messages regarding my visa! "Feona,your entry permit to U.A.E already arrived. You have 1 more week to go to fix things out.settle your accounts and complete your documents!" I don't know what will be my reactions...will I start to cry? will I call Mark Lee to says that things....Oh my!
I will surely missed everything here in my place. My friends, my co-workers,my best friend, dishes, trips, swimming,and most of all MARK LEE! huhuhu
It was already confirm that I'll be leaving on the 19th of april @ exactly 6:30 am.New place,new friends and new everything!
I know, I will survived!