Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who comes to your mind first???

There was this guy who loved two gals at the same time but he didn't know which one he loved more.One day someone taught him....
Answer this question honestly:
"When you are happy,which gal would you want to share your happiness with?" The one you think of is someone you love.
Ask your self another question and answer it honestly:
"When you are sad,which gal you want to share your burden with?"The one you think of is someone you also love.
If you think of the same ga lwhen you are happy and sad, that's the most perfect.But if you don't think of the same gal, I would advice you to choose the one you are willing to share your burden with.
In life there are more sorrow than happiness. There are million people you will meet and share your happiness with but not necessarily your lover.
In sadness, however,there are not many people willing to share your burdens with.If you are willing to tell someone your happiness, I am sure that person has got to be that someone close and understanding.
Ofcourse, I will be very happy If I am the first person to share his happiness.But on the other side if he is sad I am more willing to stay by his side and ease his pain.Only then will I believe that I hold a special position in his heart.
If you are sad,who comes to your mind first?


This havs was given by my bie last december 19,2008!I was surprised that he gave an early present for Christmas!!!BAD,I made this blog late!!!Is it obvious?hahaha...
Marklee knows my addiction!
Im an avid buyer of this flip flops since 2005...
Although it's quite expensive,we've got a practical way to save a lot of money for a the whole year.
Thank You bie for this havs!!!I'll surely bring this to UAE!!!hahaha...


How can I live my life without HIM?!
He's been my life,my soul,my destiny!
I heard it said,
True LOVE comes only once in a life.
I never believed it until I met HIM!!
I can't help but think about it!
When I lost it,
I search for it!
When I discover it
I don't know want to do without it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

75 things about Me

1. My name is Feona Cenizal Dimaranan
2. My friends call me feo or fona
3. I love MARKLEE
4. I have been with him since November 14, 2006
5. I met him in the hospital
6. I was born on July 14,1983
7. I am the youngest child
8. The eldest brother is Heintjie and the middle is Krisjohn
9. I am CANCER
10. I was born on the year of the pig
11. I’m chubby since birth ahahaha
12. I am a Roman Catholic and God fearing individual
13. I can recite the Rosary of Mother Mary.
14. I am a member of Youth Organization since child
15. I am a Filipina
16. I grew up in Tanza CAvite
17. I can read and write English
18. I graduated from Saint Joseph College
19. I finished the Bachelor's degree in Nursinge
20. I am a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife
21. The result of my licensure exam was DECEMBER 2005
22. I have my own group of friends and I LOVE THEM-SHALAYP
23. My best bud couple is jay-r and len
24. I ate a lot of chocolates
25. I’m addicted to Dinner Dash
26. I’ve done a lot of training
27. My first ever work as a Nurse is in General Trias Maternity and Pediatric Hospital
28. I’m always dreaming of a garden wedding
29. I love to laugh
30. I ‘m not more…
31. I visited ILOCOS SUR
32. I play guitar just a little
33. I have long, black hair
34. I read a lot of books
35. My parents are still alive and I love them so much, they are precious to me
36. I’m with them almost of the time
37. I love to see my future husband and our son/daughter playing balloon and football inside our flat
38. I hate rainy season
39. I love tulips but white r*ses will do
40. I take my bath everyday
41. I want to drive a car in a long vacation ride
42. The first car I drove was Toyota Corolla
43. I love to be with Mark
44. I love to eat Chinese Foods
45. I like also duck canton style and chow mien from Chinese food
46. I like noodle soup, mushroom soup
47. I can cook delicious food
48. I love to eat pears
49. I am not a smoker
50. I love to sleep as long as I can
51. I need 2-3 pillows when I am sleeping
52. I love to hug bear (One that Mark gave me) while sleeping.
53. I love parties
54. I hate loud music
55. I cry easily
56. I am fascinated with white gold
57. I have a lot of friends
58. I love to buy bags
59. I want ice cream
60. I like to buy havaianas
61. I hate frogs
62. I am addicted to photography
63. I love to do scrapbook
64. I can dance
65. I can sing
66. I’m a joker
67. My favorite colors are blue and pink
68. I am wearing tees most of the time
69. I have 2 loving niece BEA and PIA
70. I like to drink coffee
71. I have my own website (http:/
72. I admire Kate Hudson
73. My favorite song is I Could Not Ask forMore
74. I want to learn baking.
75. I love what I have and what I am now.