Wednesday, January 28, 2009

75 things about Me

1. My name is Feona Cenizal Dimaranan
2. My friends call me feo or fona
3. I love MARKLEE
4. I have been with him since November 14, 2006
5. I met him in the hospital
6. I was born on July 14,1983
7. I am the youngest child
8. The eldest brother is Heintjie and the middle is Krisjohn
9. I am CANCER
10. I was born on the year of the pig
11. I’m chubby since birth ahahaha
12. I am a Roman Catholic and God fearing individual
13. I can recite the Rosary of Mother Mary.
14. I am a member of Youth Organization since child
15. I am a Filipina
16. I grew up in Tanza CAvite
17. I can read and write English
18. I graduated from Saint Joseph College
19. I finished the Bachelor's degree in Nursinge
20. I am a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife
21. The result of my licensure exam was DECEMBER 2005
22. I have my own group of friends and I LOVE THEM-SHALAYP
23. My best bud couple is jay-r and len
24. I ate a lot of chocolates
25. I’m addicted to Dinner Dash
26. I’ve done a lot of training
27. My first ever work as a Nurse is in General Trias Maternity and Pediatric Hospital
28. I’m always dreaming of a garden wedding
29. I love to laugh
30. I ‘m not more…
31. I visited ILOCOS SUR
32. I play guitar just a little
33. I have long, black hair
34. I read a lot of books
35. My parents are still alive and I love them so much, they are precious to me
36. I’m with them almost of the time
37. I love to see my future husband and our son/daughter playing balloon and football inside our flat
38. I hate rainy season
39. I love tulips but white r*ses will do
40. I take my bath everyday
41. I want to drive a car in a long vacation ride
42. The first car I drove was Toyota Corolla
43. I love to be with Mark
44. I love to eat Chinese Foods
45. I like also duck canton style and chow mien from Chinese food
46. I like noodle soup, mushroom soup
47. I can cook delicious food
48. I love to eat pears
49. I am not a smoker
50. I love to sleep as long as I can
51. I need 2-3 pillows when I am sleeping
52. I love to hug bear (One that Mark gave me) while sleeping.
53. I love parties
54. I hate loud music
55. I cry easily
56. I am fascinated with white gold
57. I have a lot of friends
58. I love to buy bags
59. I want ice cream
60. I like to buy havaianas
61. I hate frogs
62. I am addicted to photography
63. I love to do scrapbook
64. I can dance
65. I can sing
66. I’m a joker
67. My favorite colors are blue and pink
68. I am wearing tees most of the time
69. I have 2 loving niece BEA and PIA
70. I like to drink coffee
71. I have my own website (http:/
72. I admire Kate Hudson
73. My favorite song is I Could Not Ask forMore
74. I want to learn baking.
75. I love what I have and what I am now.

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