Thursday, March 19, 2009

14th of March

7pm in the evening, 14th of March when Marklee and I decided to go for a dinner date in Calle Real's Restaurant in Tanza Cavite.It's been 2 years ago when I started talking a lot about Calle Real's finest ice tea and steak.At last,Marklee tasted the bubbly like ice tea and the oh sooo delicious steak in the house.How can I forgot the yummy chocolate ala mode with lots of sprinkle candies on the top of the one scoop full of ice cream, with two brownies on sides....oh my, I'm craving for it,too bad it's nearly 2am in the morning now..hahha


  1. wow..good for you guys..better check it myself if i have time..:) stay happy!!! cool blog

  2. ang tagal ko bago ko ulit huling natikman un :P